A stubborn passion

This woman knows what she wants, she loves biking as much as she loves the mountains and makes us discover her universe. ✨ 

About you : where do you come from and where do you live now ?

I was born in Valencia, my family is from India. Lived 27 years in Valencia and moved to Barcelona, and lived here for 4 years. Then I lived 8 years in Murcia, and now i am back in Barcelona. I'm 40 years old. 

If you had to choose 3 adjectives about yourself, it would be ?  

Creative, innocent, stubborn 

When did you start cycling? And what made you choose cycling over any other sport? 

I started cycling just 2 years back. I always like to try new things. It's my husbands fault I started cycling. 

And maybe you do another sport? 

Climbing, running, swimming and dancing 

Cycling requires a lot of time, and regular training if you want to progress, how do you organize yourself on a daily basis? 

It is quite difficult with 2kids. Bought a roller a few months back and this helps me train. And I try to ride during the weekends.

Can you tell us about your training routine?  

I just ride for fun. I like to have racing goals to train, but this year with the COVID situation I don't have a goal, so training is freestyle.


A little advice to give to a woman who would like to start cycling? 

Look for other women to ride with. Look for begginner courses, that's what I missed. I am taking one this weekend 😄

If you had to choose a place on earth, what would it be? 

Any place at the mountains!

In your opinion, as a woman and a cyclist, what could be done or put in place to change the image of women's cycling? 

It depends on us women. We're women cyclists and that's what we have to fight for.  

Your big cyclist dream? 

Cycling road trip with my family. woman cycling

What is your job, why did you chose this job? 

I am a garment designer and pattern drafter. I love creative work, and clothes, so it's perfect combination. 

A quote that defines you? 

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds - Mark Twain. I don't know if it defines me but i love reading it every once in a while.

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