Sunday October 25th, we launch our first tees and hoodies! Youyou (here you don't see me but I'm doing a dance of joy) 
So yes, we had planned to make our jerseys in the first launch, but we had not foreseen  that Covid would block us all and completely block our factories in Italy and Portugal.
Of course we lived through moments of uncertainty, fear and dread in the future, but at Wilma we're pretty positive chicks, so we wondered what we could do to still offer you cool clothes that you can wear every day and carry for years, all adapted to our lives as cyclists.
the tee is mine (the boy is mine) brandy et Monica
Since the beginning, our desire is to go far beyond a simple clothing brand. Wilma is also a state of mind, an unfailing positivity, an empowerment and a desire to accompany you in your daily life. 
It was therefore obvious for us to offer you a lifestyle range - of course we thought we would release it after our jerseys - but fortunately we are cool girls who adapt to all situations!
our fabric wilma women cycling clothes
We want to give you more details-because yes details matter!
The manufacturers have been carefully selected for the quality of their know-how, their production and, their great respect for the working conditions of the workers which is very important to us.
Each fabric is chosen with the utmost care and respect strict criteria. 100% of the cotton used is ORGANIC COTTON. Polyester is mainly recycled polyester (from plastic bottles) in order to achieve circular economy.
The GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD LABEL certifies the the materials used are recycled and guarantees compliance with social and environmental criteria such as waste water treatment, the absence of certain toxic additives, and respect for working conditions in our partner factories.

Cotton GOTS CERTIFICATION: 4 letters that change everything.

GOTS is the small name of the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD LABEL. The strictest certification for textiles made of organic fibers. It tracks the entire production chain from the cotton fields: from the harvest, to the manufacturing of the fibers, the assembly of the parts, the final product before printing and, even the export of the clothes! It certifies that the cotton is grown without GMOs, without chemical and that is processed and dyed without prohibited toxic substances.
In addition, GOTS ensures throughout the production chain, the respect of the social standard of the International Labour Organization.

We have therefore selected very beautiful materials (both for their aesthetics but also for the commitment behind them).
And we really hope you will like our tees and hoodies, in Team Wilma we already have our favorites and we assure you that the hardest part will be choosing ;)

All our best,
Céline & the Wilma Team 😘