"I would like to find technical clothing for women according to my body type. Today, I'm going to dress in S for men."

These were the words that kept coming back to CĂ©line Champonnet's ears.
So, after several experiences in ready-to-wear, she decided to create Wilma in 2020.
The idea with Wilma: to offer a brand dedicated to women cyclists, with responsible production and all in hand with the brand's growing community.
CĂ©line has surrounded herself with a team of badass women ready to jump into this entrepreneurial adventure. They represent all the values of sport and breathe it into Wilma. Their daily life is coloured by surpassing oneself, collaboration and resilience.
Today Wilma is a team of women in the sports industry, a community of nearly 10,000 women, partners who are enthusiastic about breaking codes and innovating together.
Wilma is about allowing each of us to explore our power and to sweat with freedom. You'll be hearing a lot more from us!

One last clarification, we are often asked why Wilma?
We chose our role model: Wilma Rudolph, a young Afro-American woman who in 1960 won the Olympic Games in Rome and broke the world record three times. For 35 years she defended the place of women in sport.

Wilma is her, Wilma is us!

CĂ©line and the whole team