Multitasking, competitive and addicted to sports,

Marine tells us about her journey. ✨

About you : where are you come from and where do you live now ?

French early 30's currently living in London. I grew up between Paris and South Britanny where my family lives today. I moved to London in 2014 and haven't looked back since then. Well I sometimes eye Switzerland to join my sister and be closer to the mountain and all the climbs!

If you had to choose 3 adjectives about yourself, it would be ? 

Dedicated, perseverant and finally but more importantly, highly competitive, overachiever. 
I have been doing sports since my youngest age, most of them in competition: horse riding, skiing (slalom and GS mostly) and then waterskiing (slalom). I am always trying to be better than yesterday in everything.

When did you start cycling? And what made you choose cycling over any other sport?

I started cycling after my sister forced me to do spinning (indoor cycling), I first hated it, I thought my HR would explode, my legs were burning, I was used to doing classes at the gym but not that. Then she got a bike, I tried it and thought I will give it a go. I got a bike in 2015, a Cannondale Synapse Alu disc 105 and not really used it, it went to my parents's summer house and I now use it when I go there. In 2017 I decided to buy a new bike for London with my cycle to work scheme, I got an Orbea Orca, I was scared of cycling in London and scared of joining a club, I thought everyone was strong and I wasn't. I was also really into my waterski and my gym (cross training / crossfit). 
It is only when I decided to do a cycling camp in Mallorca that I realised I could ride in a group and do a ride longer than 80km, I then started looking around at clubs in London, cycled with RCC a bit, with Islington and when I injured my ankle for the 3rd time waterskiing, I decided to cycle more. This was in the summer of 2018. The next milestone was when I injured my arm falling of my bike trying to open a bar, I couldn't go to the gym anymore so picked up cycling even more. Now I barely go to the gym anymore, my pull ups are getting worse and worse every day, but my cycling keeps improving 😊

Woman with a bike

And maybe you do another sport? 

I still waterski from time to time, ski every winter, do a crossfit session now and then and ride a horse when I get a chance, but as I am very competitive it is hard to do everything and perform in all of them to the standard I am imposing to myself.

Can you talk about your improvement in cycling in terms of hills (level) ? 

My first hill was in 2018 in Mallorca I had never done a climb and my first ride was a 120km and 3,000m of climbing. I was dead at the end. This summer I did a century (160km) with more than 4,300m of climbing in the Dolomites, got a top 2% on Passo Pordoi, an iconic climb in the Dolomites. 
I remember doing some hills in North London called the three sisters in 2018 when I started cycling thinking one day I will make it into the top 10, and this year, I made it and even got the QoM on several of them, I was so happy

Cycling requires a lot of time, and regular training if you want to progress, how do you organize yourself on a daily basis?

I usually cycle in the morning, waking up at 4:50am and cycling 40-70km. During summer I also sometimes do evening rides from 6-8:30pm and then was going back to work if necessary.

Can you tell us about your training routine? 

I recently took a coach, my training is usually 1-2.5h once or twice a day with 2 rest days a week and longer social rides during weekends. 



A little advice to give to a woman who would like to start cycling? 

Don't be affraid to join a club; people are nice, and you will have lots of fun, all the coffees, cakes, pizzas and new friends you will make. 
I even met my boyfriend in my cycling club, I would have never thought so.

If you had to choose a place on earth, what would it be? 

Any mountain pass, with hopefully great switchbacks. 

In your opinion, as a woman and a cyclist, what could be done or put in place to change the image of women's cycling?

We are not talking enough about women races, women events in general; also cycling brands usually don't really care about the women collection, it is small and often not sexy. I sometimes shop in the men collection when they do a XXS pro collection which is effectively an XS women to get something cool. 

Your big cyclist dream?

Climb all the most amazing roads the world can offer.

What is your job, why did you choose this job?

I work in Finance in an investment firm in London, targeting investments in Real Estate.

A quote that defines you?

I'm this overachiever type, I'll just work and work and I'll just do it over and over and over again. Venus Williams


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