My Name is Hanna Lutz, I am 28 years old and live in Esslingen near Stuttgart in Germany.


How and when did you start cycling? I started cycling as a child, but I was not allowed to have a road bike. I bought it in 2016 and was so proud but I was too big, like the most bikes. Then a good friend of mine built me a new road bike and then the real passion started and I never went out without my bike. And so more and more bikes come and go, so also my big love the fixed gear bikes. One year later I crossed the french alps with my friends from Stuttgart.

Do you have a training routine, or do you do it according to your current wishes? I don't have a real training routine, I commute every day 60 kilometers to work and at the weekend I do trips with my friends or alone, I love long distances.

How have you progressed in cycling? Did you join a club, get a coach, make friends? I found good friends in Stuttgart from Heaven and Hell cycle club and so I met more and more great people which all share the same great love. I learned much about bikepacking and long rides, about riding fixed... I don't have and want a trainer, cycling is more than a sport for me, its a passion nearly an obsession.

How do you define yourself today as a cyclist? I really think I'm a cyclist because my life would be so empty without. It's not only about riding, my whole day is defined about cycling. Every holiday is about bikepacking, visiting friends and family is always on the bike. I never got a car, trains are the last solution, the rest is on the bike.

Have you made any changes to your diet or lifestyle since you started cycling? Well, nutrition is very important I think when you ride so much. So I take more care of my body and what I eat. Of course, sometimes cake and so are ok, but i want a healthy body to do all the rides for me, so I have to carry him. I am vegetarian and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and proteins and of course nuts nuts nuts.

Cyclist life is doing want you want to do

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start cycling? A woman who wants to start needs a strong brain, many men don't accept women on bikes, especially when they are fast. You don't need fear, do it, do it for you, and dare to cross your own borders. ride the distances you want, not what others tell you what's possible.

What is the most beautiful spot where you have ridden? The most beautiful spot was at a lake behind the Oberallpass at the swiss alps, I was there with my best friend Manuel and it was so amazing, I don't want to go home after. And of course every high mountain. 

Can you share with us the cycling memory that you enjoyed the most? The greatest cycling memory was the tour from geneva to nice with the fixed gear bike. So many beautiful spots, so much pain in the legs and so many great friends around me, I think that was the greatest memory.

And the last question for the community when you go cycling in your area, do you have any nice refuel addresses to recommend to us? In my area are many beautiful rides around Stuttgart, perhaps especially the Rotenberg and then you have to eat the best ice cream in town at the Schleckerei

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