We invent your new essentials that form the basis of your cycling wardrobe: Italian materials, made in family manufacturing, that last a long time and in which you will feel at your bestA wardrobe designed by women, with women because we believe more than anything else that if we all work together, we will make cycling a women's sport in its own rightWe want to offer you exceptional quality at an affordable price.


We like easy-going and comfortable outfits, enriched with extra soul and confidence (in you). We love the pastel colors, the 90's that remind us of our teenage years, the good looks of Mercier jerseys from the 70's, and of course Monica and Rachel from Friends. We want to bring together a community of international women cyclists who want to dress better on their bikes: both beautiful and good. We're glad we found you!


It takes us several months to develop each material and each colour with our suppliers, our manufacturing workshops, and YOU. We integrate the dozens of almond latte bus coffees into the heart of the creation by discussing with you, our Facebook discussions and Instagram inspirations. We crash-test our clothes to make sure they'll age beautifully on your back. We love our job, we do everything with a smile.


Until sustainability is the new normal, we impose super strict rules on our materials and production methods, maximize quality to prevent them from being thrown away too quickly, and minimize the ecological impact of our clothing. Everything is designed in Paris, and made in Europe.

 Céline, founder of Wilma

Celine Champonnet

In 2010 I discovered the world of cycling and I quickly realized that there were almost no offers for women. When I asked my cycling friends where they bought their outfits, the answer was unanimous: "I dress at l'Homme".

Two years ago, I asked myself how, from what I knew and what I knew how to do, I could help promote and defend women's cycling. What actions could I develop to allow all these passionate women to feel good, to feel strong and ready to take the power?
It was obvious, my way to impact women's cycling would be to create a clothing brand, thought by women, for women. This idea matured into a project, then a brand: Wilma was born!

We are at the beginning of the adventure, and I can't wait to develop with all the women, the cycling of tomorrow.
And as a mother of two children, one of whom is a girl, I also want to show her, through the creation of Wilma, that nothing is programmed and that you can do ANYTHING you want as long as you have the desire to do it.

I hope that for kids, gender will not be an obstacle to achieve their dreams!