Passionate and determined, Bibiana makes us discover her world and her love for cycling. 💪🏼

"My Summer was awesome, in spite of the current global situation. My first plan was to celebrate my 40th birthday (on August 25th) traveling overseas. That didn't happen, and I enjoyed my first ver cycling holidays with family in the Alps and Dolomites. Incredible experience!"

About you: where are you come from and where do you live now? (your age if you want to) 

I was born in Manresa (Barcelona), Spain, on a maniac Monday, August 25th in 1980 (So, I'm 40, as I mentioned before). Nowadays, I still live in the same area. However, in the recent past, I lived in South Africa, Turkey and Switzerland, too.


If you had to choose 3 adjectives about yourself, it would be? 

Creative, curious and communicative.


When did you start cycling? And what made you choose cycling over any other sport?

I started cycling only 10 months ago. Exactly, on Xmas Day, 2019. I grabbed my second-hand Scott bike to ride 35km. It took me almost 2 hours, with an average speed of 17.7km/h!!! (crazy). Funny thing, I've been surrounded with cyclists my whole life: all of my uncles and my aunt are cyclists. One of my uncles was a professional rider when he was young. So, I share with them most of my "trainings" and our Sundays are dedicated now to discover new routes around Catalonia and Andorra. My cousin and my brother were cyclists too when they were younger; they even were riders in amateur cycling teams. Now, my brother and his girlfriend just started cycling, again, only because they are so jealous the other part of the family (my uncles and me) is spending so much time together! 😂😂
Moreover, my uncle and my cousin have a bike store in Manresa, so, cycling and bikes is a regular conversation.
(Side note: my mom was my uncle’s best friend. Unfortunately, she died some years ago… So, for my uncle is very special I’m sharing this passion with him now. He feels his sister closer to him again…)
I have practice different sports during my whole life, but I was mainly a gym bug; you know: Zumba, Spinning, CrossFit, fitness stuff... 
The day I went for my first ride, there was "a switch ON", and that feeling I had with cycling cannot be compared with anything else.            
As per my Strava profile since Dec 25th 2019:
Cycling activities: 108
Total distance: 5,900km
Total positive slope: 92.000mts

Woman with a bike

And maybe you do another sport? 

In order to keep some friends in my life, I also go on hiking and skiing (in Winter time). 
But my other "escape" activity is Contemporary dance. With this type of dancing, my cyclist body feels relieved. I'm interested in yoga, too... But not a yogi yet.

Cycling requires a lot of time, and regular training if you want to progress, how do you organize yourself on a daily basis?

Before the pandemic situation, I was able to train around two days during weekdays (as I had a remote job and I was able to organize my working hours as I wish), and on weekends. Then, I lost my job in July, due to the Covid crisis. During high Summer, I went for training early in the morning (around 7am) to avoid the heat. Now, I also ride in the morning, but a bit later, to avoid the cold weather and humidity.
I must say a lot of people congratulates me for my achievements on cycling. Maybe it's something genetic and it's in my family's blood... No idea! Also true, my uncle helps me a lot, as he gives me big support not only with tips, but also with lots of motivation. My aunt is the one who gives me nutrition advise! 


Can you tell us about your training routine? 

It’s usually every two days, to avoid muscle overload. Rides are around 40km to 50km on weekdays. Then, Sunday is our family and friends ritual and we go to discover new roads. The route is usually around 100-130km. 
However, this week has been slightly different, as some friends asked me to join them… So, I couldn’t say no!

A little advice to give to a woman who would like to start cycling?

Just start. With whatever you have. Whenever you can. Just start and let your legs go with the flow.

If you had to choose a place on earth, what would it be? 

That’s difficult to answer, since I’ve visited wonderful places last Summer. I have even discovered places I’ve never been to near my home… Catalonia has incredible routes! 
Dolomites was indeed breathtaking.

In your opinion, as a woman and a cyclist, what could be done or put in place to change the image of women's cycling?

I would like to avoid the “sexy image” of cyclists women in social media: deep necklines (jersey zip too low), non-natural poses with the bike… this kind of stuff. 
I’m not against “being sexy”, since you can be sexy to someone just because you are strong and confident. I’m against the patriarcal image of being sexy: boobs, butt, big lips…
Also, it would be necessary to invest more in the professional field. Sponsors should support more women, and professional races such as Le Tour should consider to do the female version.
I also saw hostesses at Il Giro on each side of the winner at the end of each stage. To avoid that, I would propose to put two amateur riders (male and female) on each side of the winner. That would be awesome for them as amateur cyclists and that’s not sexist at all.

Your big cyclist dream?

To find (or to create) a job related to cycling. I would like to inspire others… I think I’m kind on the right way. My Instagram community grew a lot since I started this cycling journey, and the feedback it’s great. I’m really happy!


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What is your job, why did you chose this job?

As per the previous information, I don’t have a job now. I’ve been in different fields: fashion and tourism, mainly. 
I know I’m capable to do many different things, so I’m not worried at all.

A quote that defines you?

“Do not take tomorrow for granted”.
I know every day is a gift and I want to do the most of it.

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