Virginia, a woman who is as kind as she is passionate, tells us about her career in cycling. She is one of our ambassador too, we are lucky 🌟

About you : where are you come from and where do you live now ?

I’m from Venezuela, from a coastal city in the north of the country named Punto Fijo, 100% Caribbean. Now I have been living in Barcelona, Spain, for 3 years. I’m 32 years old.

If you had to choose 3 adjectives about yourself, it would be ? 

Passionate, constant and resilient   

When did you start cycling? And what made you choose cycling over any other sport?

I started cycling 2 years ago. I met my boyfriend and he took me for a ride when we were dating. It almost killed me, I didn’t know it was that hard. But I wouldn’t let myself give up, so I kept trying to cycle and now I love it and I can’t live without it. 
I choose cycling because for me it is not just a sport, it is therapy. I enjoy it even when it hurts and find real pleasure after every single ride.


And maybe you do another sport? 

Of course, I like to run and also practice yoga. It keeps me balanced.

Cycling requires a lot of time, and regular training if you want to progress, how do you organize yourself on a daily basis?

If I tell you the truth, I don’t really organize it. I can go for a ride in the middle of the day if I feel like doing it. Luckily I’m self-employed so I can organize my day the way it works for me.
Now winter starts, so I prefer to go for a ride just before lunch. Weather is warmer and it doesn’t interrupt my duties.

Can you tell us about your training routine? 

I try at least to go for a one hour ride 2 times a week from Monday to Friday. Then, on top of that, I always meet with friends on weekends for long rides (at least when covid allowed us to do that).

A little advice to give to a woman who would like to start cycling? 

I don’t have just one. I could give a lot. Cycling is hard, and sometimes scares us. But worth the pain. Start with realistic challenges and let them grow naturally.
Every little step counts. Start with the basics and gain confidence step by step. Since you learn to wear the cleats, stand on the bike or reach for your water bottle. Everyone of us had been through it. It is difficult at the beginning but if you keep trying and giving your best, always with a positive mind, you will get it. So keep going!!!

If you had to choose a place on earth, what would it be? 

I love my country. I would lie if I say that I don’t want to GO back. But unfortunately, it is not possible and I’m not sure if it is going to be an option soon. So, If I have to choose somewhere else, I would say that Catalonia is giving me good reasons to be my pick. Good people, good weather, my dream job, amazing food and unlimited roads to ride. 

Woman on a bike

In your opinion, as a woman and a cyclist, what could be done or put in place to change the image of women's cycling?

First of all, we are not weak or less. We are as strong as men in any way. I constantly go for rides with groups of men, no more women there, and I’m like one more, no distinction is made.
We have to claim our space. It totally depends on us. In the moment we truly believe in ourselves, nothing else will need to be done.  

Your big cyclist dream?

Go for a ride at home (Venezuela) and discover the amazing country that we have on my bike.

What is your job, why did you chose this job?

I’m a lawyer but a year ago I made a quite extreme career change. Now I’m a potter and I haven’t been that happy ever before. I do really cool handmade ceramics and I love it. I chose it because I always loved crafts and make pretty things with my hands that people can enjoy.

A quote that defines you?

“NA FENT” is a Catalan expression that means “keep going”.  I discovered this phrase while I was climbing a hill last summer around Girona. Then, I found it in many other climbs in the area. 
It really helped me to keep my motivation when I was close to quitting, and to find some extra power to reach the top.
It defines me because I think you can use it in every single aspect in life. Always works. You need to keep going.

If you want to follow her on instagram : @virginiacorona