LIFESTYLE: Even in lockdown, prepare for "recovery"

For this 1st article, we share with you a few tips to anticipate the return to the open air and make the most of this timeless period for all of us. Let's start with the basics in order to optimize your sessions and to be efficient. 

Do you know your FTP (Functional Threshold Power)? Simply put, it's the power you develop and the power you can hold for hours without burning your legs.

Cycling is good but with efficiency, it's even better!

There are several ways to calculate your FTP but we submit you the one on Zwift, since all your training plans will then be optimized and calculated according to this value. Hyper simple and most of all very efficient:
Once you know that value, you're good to go!

The Zwift platform among other things (we're a fan 😀) offers you exercises sorted by complete training plans and that's great. So you can just turn your legs or prepare your future races or ironman. 


When you prefer to pedal without forcing to simply "turn your leges". Admiring the scenery, or crossing the Alpe d'Huez all depends on what you want to do.


For the competition fans, you can pedal with riders of your level from all over the world. 

It's not a race, but a ride and you pedal at the pace you want. You sign up and enjoy an outing with several people.

You can organize an outing for up to 8 participants (maximum), as if you were outside. Ideal during this period of confinement to keep the social link. Here's the link to understand how it works:
Don't hesitate to join a Wilma Meet up, we will be happy to ride with you :)

These are structured training sessions that will allow you to keep up and progress while having fun. You have lots of choices since there are more than 1000 effective and stimulating structured workouts that you can plan according to your objectives and your available time. 

Tips: once the lockdown is over, feel free to redo an FTP test to see if you have progressed ;)

To use other muscles, don't hesitate to alternate with sessions of sheathing, pilates, yoga... On several instagram accounts you can find very nice live shows. 

Let's go girl! 💪