News from the Team

Hey girls!

I wanted to give you a post Covid update on our situation at Wilma!

If you still remember the nice weather before Covid, we had planned to launch a great crowdfunding campaign, with jerseys sleeves and very cool socks.

But, the fact is that the health situation has impacted all areas and even more so young brands like us.
We thought we could launch our road range much earlier. We lived through moments of uncertainty, fear and dread in the future, but at Wilma we're pretty positive chicks, so we wondered what we could do to still offer you top clothes that you can wear every day and put off for years, all adapted to our lives as cyclists.

Since the beginning, our desire is to go far beyond a simple clothing brand. Wilma is also a state of mind, an unfailing positivity, an empowerment and a desire to accompany you in your daily life.
It was therefore obvious for us to offer you a lifestyle range - of course we thought we would bring it out after our jerseys - but fortunately we are super girls who adapt to all situations.

Early October, more than 8 months after our first post insta, more than 2 years after we had this idea to launch a brand that for us chicks we launch our first tee shirts and hoodies! Youyou (there you do not see me but I do a dance of joy)

If, like us, you believe in women's cycling and want to help us grow organically, feel free to treat yourself to a tee or a hoodie, and believe me, the hardest part will be making a choice!

I hope you will like them so much, what can I say, love them! And that you will continue to follow us, our ambassadors from the very beginning!

From my home trainer with love ❤️


Ps : For the jerseys, they should also arrive at the beginning of October for the pre-order, I'll tell you more as soon as I have confirmation, by Claudia who works for our manufacturer and who takes care of us :)