The Bloody Queen, the pad that will change your rides!

Our Bloody Queen pad absorbs the equivalent of 2 tampons (heavy flow) without leaving any moisture or stains on your clothes to guarantee you a less mental load during your rides.

Wilma guarantees you MAXIMUM PROTECTION for up to 6 hours and UNBEATABLE COMFORT when cycling.

No more cups, pads, menstrual panties and tampons, now you have FREEDOM!

With our Bloody Queen pad, you are helping to promote responsible consumption. Menstrual pads produce tons of toxic waste that harms your health and the health of the Earth.

Our mission at Wilma: To enable every woman to explore her power and sweat with freedom ūü§ė


  • Number of models offered: All new Wilma bibs and shorts.

  • Sizes offered: The size of the pad changes depending on your chosen clothing size: 1st: sizes XS-S / 2nd: sizes M-L / 3rd: sizes XL-2XL-3XL

  • Colours offered: The Bloody Queen pad is only black

  • Manufacturing information: Made in Italy

  • Materials used: Our secret recipe is not to be disclosed under any circumstances. Know that we have worked with experts to preserve your most intimate part of the body so you can enjoy it with a light mind! 

  • Technical characteristics :

    • Breathable

    • Easy to wash

    • Leak-proof

    • Anti-odour

    • 0 toxic products

    • All types of flow


Start by washing your shorts or bib before the first use, good maintenance is important to keep it and use it as long as possible.


Put on your shorts or your bib with our Bloody Queen technology, our menstrual pad.


Rinse your shorts or bib with cold water to remove excess flow, then machine wash at 30¬įC or hand wash.


Air dry, definitely not tumble dry.


Reuse your shorts or bib with every cycle or ride. It will last between 3 to 5 years.


If you don't want to or can't (because of a long ride) wash your shorts or bib right after use, you can rinse them and then dry them until your next wash.

Find out more about our shorts and bibs with the Bloody Queen menstrual pad

See our FAQ page for more details

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